Golf tournament planning seminar slated for Antler Creek

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The Colorado Springs Business Journal will continue to sponsor golf tournament planning seminars throughout the winter until spring play begins.

Sessions will be held at area golf courses beginning Dec. 7 at Antler Creek, 9650 Antler Creek Drive, eight miles east of Powers off Woodman Road.

The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce will continue to endorse the program and Advantage Golf of Colorado will be a cosponsor as well as participate in the class.

On September 30, the first Golf Tournament Planner’s Training Seminar was held at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. Reviews of the seminar hale it as a success. Respondents surveyed after the event rated it as meeting or exceeding their expectations and left the class with a multitude of information and materials to help them achieve their next year’s tournament objectives.

The most important areas covered, according to attendees, were tournament organization, sponsorships and marketing, budget and financing, chairman and vice chairman, registration, and programs.

All attending felt the format of the seminar was effective and presenting information from a committee and subcommittee prospective was well received.

Materials handed out were acknowledged to be helpful for putting on future golf tournaments.

The seminar’s length was three hours, but the majority attending felt it should be longer to allow more time for networking and synergism among attendees to share ideas and information. Future seminars will allow for this opportunity by being extend to four hours.

Registration for the December seminar at Antler Creek Golf Course can be made online at by accessing the “TRAINNG SEMINARS” link at the top of the page. You may also mail the registration form found in CSBJ. The point of contact for more information is John K. Darling (719) 520-5991.