Trinity Communications looking to grow

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* Name: Peter R. Marky

* Organization: Trinity Communications LLC

* Position: Owner, president

* Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland

* How long have you lived in Colorado Springs: Seven years

* Education: Commercial Business School of Zurich, similar to an MBA. Graduated from Insurance School of London, England.

* A few words about your company: Trinity Communications was founded in 1994, and I purchased the company in 1997. Since then, Trinity has developed into the cellular phone store with the best reputation in southern Colorado. Earlier this year, Trinity successfully launched a business-to-business division to complement our retail stores. Businesses and their employees and families now have access to special rate plans.

* Recent accomplishments: Every day you accomplish something. Sometimes it is a big accomplishment, and sometimes a small one, but if it involves being a good human being, then it is always important.

* Biggest career break: There have been many: conducting international trade in textiles, organizing exhibitions in the pulp and paper industry, working as an international insurance broker and a land developer/realtor and as a retailer for wireless devices. I am also the 2005 president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

* The toughest part of your job: To say “no.”

* Someone you admire: A professor in Switzerland – I learned a lot from him. His specialty is business development and business coaching.

* About your family: I have been married for 25 years to the best wife, Monika, and we have five children- Patrick, 23, Philipp, 22, Michele, 20, Lukas, 17 and Sabrina, 15.

* Something else you’d like to accomplish: I have worked in two sectors of the economy (service and retail). The production sector must be very exciting as well. I would love to produce something one day.

* How your business will change in the next decade: At the moment, I’m rewriting Trinity Communications’ business plan. Trinity will pick up new products, and we have already signed contracts with a few different wireline providers, so we are now able to offer many different voice and data products, from analog telephone lines, ISDN, and DSL, up to T1, T3, and above, high-speed voice and data access, as well as services such as voice over IP. We recently opened a branch office in Denver to develop the new aspects of our business. In 2005, Trinity will expand and offer our services to the entire state of Colorado.

* What book are you currently reading? “Bleachers” by John Grisham

* What is the one thing you would change about Colorado Springs? I would like to see more dialogue between the younger and older generations.