Both sides of humane society issue appreciated

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Thank you for writing an article regarding the two humane societies that had actual facts. I have been disgusted with Ed Sealover at the Gazette and Rich Tosches at the Independent for their scurrilous reports. (I need to get the Gazette because I use the paper to train our foster puppies.) Yours is the first article that presented both societies in a fair manner and it is greatly appreciated.

As a four-year volunteer at HSPPR I am, of course, a bit biased. As a taxpayer I am disgusted with the actions of our City Council and police chief for what I feel is a waste of money. As an animal lover, I get depressed when I go to CHS.

All the safeguards for the animals of having them in enclosed rooms have been voided. People are allowed to wander through the kennels touching one animal after another, spreading disease.

Thank you again for an excellent article.

Angela J. Artale

Colorado Springs