Saving downtown from the wrecking ball

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” Name: A. Scott Long

” Organization: ASL Properties LLC

” Position: Owner

” Hometown: Colorado Springs

” How long have you lived in Colorado Springs: 56 years

” Education: Cheyenne Mountain High School; Colorado State University – 3 ½ years

” A few words about your company: I started the company in November 2000 to refurbish downtown buildings.

” Recent accomplishments: I rebuilt the Colorado Springs Music Building for mixed use.

” Biggest career break: Selling my restaurant

” The toughest part of your job: Scheduling all of the subcontractors

” Someone you admire: My dad

” About your family: Married to Jean; I have two children – Kristin, 30, and Philip, 27.

” Something else you’d like to accomplish: I would like to make the downtown area the most desirable place to live and shop.

” How your business will change in the next decade: Hoping to expand and acquire more real estate in downtown

” What book are you currently reading? “Musick Melodies” by Archie Musick

” What is the one thing you would change about Colorado Springs? The tearing down of old, neat buildings in the downtown area