Nothing to 'mock' about these trials

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This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a judge at the Southern Colorado Regional Mock Trial Competition. The event was sponsored by the El Paso County Bar Association and the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs.

Eighteen teams of students from area high schools litigated a criminal case concerning the prosecution of a college student who was accused of spiking another student’s drink during a Halloween party. The student who received the spiked drink died.

What struck me most about the competition was how well the students were prepared and how obvious it was that each and every one had taken what must have been countless hours to prepare. At the end of the day, I realized that my giving up a single Saturday afternoon paled in comparison to what the participants must have missed to prepare for the competition.

In the end, the B Team from Doherty High School prevailed Tuesday night in the championship round. Team members included: Kaylah Braun, Andrew Kraus, Cameron Shane, Jenny Rackl, Mandy Turner, Stephen Le Baron, Desirae Tucker, Adam Rossin, Caleb Miller, Rachel Boyer, Kael Wilson, Katie Adkison and Jon Anderson.

I only judged one mock trial, but my admiration for the students that I judged extends to all who participated. Erika, Taylor, Chris, Tricia, Jen and Daniel did a fine job of representing the prosecution’s side of the case. Steven, Travis, Matthew, Hillary, Helen and Courtney provided a spirited defense of the accused. (Sorry about no last names or schools, they weren’t included on our judging sheets).

The competition couldn’t have happened without countless volunteers, giving many hours of their time. I’d like to thank everyone involved, and especially thank the Bar Association for inviting me to participate.

Investing in the young people of our community is one decision that always pays a big dividend. Hopefully those of us in the “real” world won’t ever forget that.