National Space Symposium

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National Space Symposium attendees and invited guests filled Colorado Hall for a reception April 4.

They were there to mix and mingle with conference VIPs, such as Adm. Timothy Keating, commander of NORAD/NORTHCOM and Gen. Lance Lord, commander of Air Force Space Command.

Buffets were set up throughout the hall and adjacent temporary buildings erected for the huge symposium.

Space and defense contractors lured guests to booths displaying their high-tech wares with candy and other goodies.

There was a carnival atmosphere as guests ate popcorn and filled plastic bags with notepads, key chains, flying discs, calendars and pens from the dozens of companies that were there to showcase their products.

Conference badges were perused at checkpoints in and around Colorado Hall and the Broadmoor International Center by security guards there to protect high-ranking military and government officials.

The Broadmoor and a half dozen surrounding hotels were filled with conference attendees, shuttled to the symposium on buses decorated with space images and slogans.

Among guests to the 21st National Space Symposium were Connie Solomon and Gen. Larry Fortner, Richard Tegtmeier, Lindsay and Joanna Fischer, Bill and Frankie Tutt, Bob and Margaret Willard, and University of Denver President Marc Holtzman.