Writers have skewed view of economics

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Dear Editor:

Ref: May 20 Op-Ed Page

Two letters from Dave Anderson and Keith Varney display a misunderstanding of economics. They both point out results of economic activity in the world that they disapprove.

Mr. Varney ignores any consideration of someone making shirts at low wages; perhaps those wages are not low in their village.

Free market economics helps more people and reduces poverty if based on:

n Private property rights (the opposite of slavery)

n Rule of law, and

n Stable monetary system

The result across the globe in America, Europe and Asia is that more people are better off.

To lambaste the system is counterproductive. Government solutions are a mistake. Government social programs do not work.

Smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom does work. Study writings from a variety of economists and examine the results.

Wayne Six

Colorado Springs