Not everyone on N. Nevada happy about redevelopment

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Dear Editor:

Re: column by Lorne Kramer 6-3-05

Mr. Kramer states that North Nevada improvements are planned in concert with property owners. This statement is extremely far from the truth.

North Nevada owners and businesses are for a common sense approach to improvements for the area four lanes, a small median, sidewalks, roll back curbs, reasonable landscapes and a couple traffic signals to facilitate access. Experience guides our concept.

Businesses and owners are not for a six-lane road to nowhere, with bike paths, landscape and sidewalks, etc.

City staff and URS will not consider concepts offered by those on Nevada that have to work and deal with this proposed boondoggle.

The mayor states that those on North Nevada had better just go along with the plan if we know what is best.

Staff states the city has 160-feet of right of way and will use it all. They don’t care what we think

Staff will not coordinate construction to reduce impact on existing business, Interstate 25, Garden of the Gods, and Nevada. They will all be cone zones for the next three years. Much of it at the same time.

Staff states that CDOT requires six lanes. Not true. This is the city’s idea.

Statements have been made by UCCS that they really do not support six lanes for safety reasons.

The city staff plan is to eliminate access for businesses. This will be in violation of state law regarding permanent access. The plan is to force property owners to build roads and give them to the city.

Staff has increased the redevelopment area from north of Austin Bluffs to south at Lilac, east to Hancock and west to the creek without asking us to accept the plan.

Property owners will not be given permits to improve their property unless they agree to change the zoning; construct access roads off Nevada and install unreasonable site improvements. If you sell your property, you lose zoning and use rights.

The list could continue for many pages. The entire issue is that we have a city staff that is out of control in their desire to create another Boulder. If they like Boulder so well, they should go there.

The arrogance of city staff and for that matter most on council in regard to North Nevada is beyond belief. They do not have a vested financial interest in the area; they do not own businesses or work on North Nevada. They do not respect businesses that have existed on North Nevada 20-30-40 and more years.

Yet they talk a good game about bringing in new businesses, new employees. What about the businesses that have supported this city for years? Where is the loyalty to them? It appears the only interest is generating more tax revenue and fees to facilitate these wild plans of utopia.

The citizens of this city must recognize that the direction of this city staff and council must change. Spending must be curtailed. If it was their money, I know they would be more tightly fisted. The basic requirements of this city must be attained before pipe dreams such as this.

The citizens of this community are being forced to cut back just to survive. However the city continues spend as if today will never end. Folks the well is dry. We cannot afford this arrogance. Uncle Joe could not succeed to create utopia in the early 1900s. Why does city staff keep trying?

Mitch Christiansen

Colorado Springs