Super Slab doesn't mean super lifestyle

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Dear Editor:

As I read Lon Matejczyk’s editorial on the Super Slab (CSBJ June 17th) I couldn’t be sure if this was an article supporting the Super Slab or a tongue-in-cheek shot at the Super Slab.

The editorial seems to play down the fact that farms and ranches will probably be condemned by a private entity-an entity that may or may not ever really build the Slab.

In theory, they may resell that property at a later date to anyone they choose. So much for the idea that private ownership of property really is the distinguishing mark of a democracy!

Lon mentions the “quality of life issues,” and seems to think that the folks out east will be much better off with the urban sprawl that has grown up around Powers Boulevard.

Lon-push back from that desk; trade in that suit for jeans and a T-shirt; go out and talk to the folks on the plains trying to hang on the things they cherish most. You just might find out that their quality of life doesn’t revolve around electronics superstores and fast food restaurants.

Buddy Gilmore

Colorado Springs