Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

Your July 1 column on the recent Supreme Court decision allowing seizure of private property was absolutely right.

However, this is not just occurring far away.

Over the past six years, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has stolen millions of dollars worth of private property in Colorado and Wyoming from private citizens, much of it in El Paso County.

All in the name of the Endangered Species Act, and all without compensation of any kind.

Now El Paso County is considering getting into the act also.

The county commissioners are considering enactment of a Habitat Conservation Plan which would aid and abet the taking of private property without compensation. The county says it is trying to help its citizens, but the only effect is to help the USFW steal their land faster.

Oh, yes, there is also the effect that the county may be taking on an unnecessary liability in the form of possible lawsuits.

Oregon passed legislation last year that provided that any state or local government which took or damaged the value of private property would have to compensate the damaged party.

Maybe it is time for Colorado to pass the same legislation.

We can’t do much about the federal government, but we sure can force local government to act honestly and responsibly.

Robert. B. Hoff

Colorado Springs