C&D debate should focus on substance

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Dear Editor:

I am the first to admit my interest in the game of politics.

As sides face off on Referenda C and D the strength of the opposition’s three basic arguments, “no tax increase, blank check and politicians can’t be trusted,” seem to be all show and no substance.

Sort of like a blow-up doll – if you don’t touch them, they can look real.

Two of the arguments, “tax increase and blank check” have begun to deflate as more voters find access to solid information in our print media before casting their vote.

The third argument, “politicians can’t be trusted,” I find especially hollow, considering the argument is being delivered most vociferously by one party El Paso County elected politicians.

As I look across the playing field this election, those claims remind me of the story of the emperor’s new clothes. It would be refreshing if the opponents of C and D would go get dressed and join the game.

Ann Oatman-Gardner

Colorado Springs