Tina-Marie M. DeWolf

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Rising Star Tina-Marie M. DeWolf, Account Executive, Kaiser Permanente

As account executive, Tina-Marie DeWolf is responsible for recruiting groups of 51 or more employees to sign up for Kaiser Permanente’s health coverage
According to C.J. Moore, public affairs director for Kaiser Permanente, DeWolf will bring in more than 3,000 members in 2005-06.
DeWolf is a member of the Southern Colorado Association of Health Underwriters, Colorado Group Insurance Authority, Insurance Women of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Society of Human Resources Management, Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Insurance Women and the National Association of Health Underwriters.
She volunteers for the Children’s Advocacy Center, Colorado Festival of World Theater marketing committee, Race for the Cure and Make a Difference Day.
DeWolf and her husband, Destry, are raising a brother and sister, both under age 4, as part of the Foster Adoption Program.
She also is the spouse of an “active duty” military reservist.
“Tina-Marie’s work with the ‘Lady Defenders’ for the 50th Security Forces Squadron (Air Force) has been wonderful,” Moore said. “She has been a guiding light for the spouses in her husband’s reserve unit as the unit has been deployed to various danger spots around the world.”