Plenty of holiday gifts available for the tech-savvy set

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So you have a “techie” on your gift list and you don’t know a gigabyte from Bluetooth. Colorado Springs tech experts are here to help, with suggestions for last-minute gifts which should please just about everyone’s inner geek.

Trevor Dierdorff, owner of Amnet, said that high-tech presents don’t have to be about computers — satellite radio, Global Positioning Systems and MP3 players top the Amnet holiday list. Portability in high-tech gadgets seems to be the key to the most popular and the most recommended items.

Dierdorff said the “Stiletto 100 Portable Receiver” has a top place on every techie’s list, or anyone who likes satellite radio.

Pinnacle’s Pro Stick HDTV receiver for PCs and laptops

The Sirius Stiletto 100

TomTom Go Global Positioning System

Creative Labs’ Zen Vision W

Microsoft’s Zune MP3 Player

The receiver has 2 gigabytes of internal memory and can store 100 hours of Sirius satellite programming. The gadget also will play MP3s and WMA files.

If the techie in your life is a gaming pro, the Stiletto has a feature called GameAlert, which lets users know when their favorite games are being broadcast and when the scores change. It requires Sirius satellite service, which runs about $12 a month.

The TomTom Go is also on Dierdorff’s list — and also makes Forbes “executive toy” list, Yahoo’s tech list and just about every major high-tech wish list.

The TomTom Go is a global positioning system that is accurate to 15 feet. It comes preprogrammed with 50,000 points of interest and maps of Europe and Latin America. Now with Bluetooth capabilities, it enables you to talk to and make calls from the GPS through the speakers.

“It’s been extremely popular,” said Corby Legault, general manager of Best Buy at First and Main Shopping Center. “We’ve sold so many of them — and the other types of GPS systems as well.”

Creative Zen Vision is a 30 gigabyte player that stores about 7,500 songs in MP3 format, Dierdorff said. It can store up to 120 hours of video, including movies, recorded television shows, photos and home videos in any file format. If the 2.5 inch screen is too small, it can be hooked up to any monitor, DVD player or A/V device.

High-tech gifts are making a very merry season for Best Buy, Legault said.

“All the MP3 players are selling extremely well,” he said. “But we have people coming in specifically for the Zune. It’s done very well this season.”

The news comes as a surprise to high-tech analysts, who proclaimed that Microsoft’s Zune could never overcome the Apple iPod’s control of the market, he said.

The Samsung K5 has built-in speakers and touch-screen controls, separating it from the other players. Speakers have to be purchased separately for the iPod and Zune.

Digital cameras, flat screen and plasma screen televisions also are flying off the shelves, Legault said.

“The high end cameras are selling well, but we also are selling a lot of digital cameras for children, that will fit in their pockets,” he said. “The televisions — flat screens and plasma screens — are also doing very well this season.”

Yahoo also listed other, tech-friendly gifts that might be the perfect for the techie who has everything.

The Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick is a TV tuner within a USB stick that pulls both standard and high-definition television out of the air, and into your laptop.

The RoverTV from Doghouse Electronics is a pocket-sized mobile media player that records directly from television, DVRs, VCRs, CDs or computers for digital playback.

With a four-inch color screen, it has power for up to six hours. RoverTV also can store and play MP3, MP4 and WAV files.