Chris Chippindale

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Chris Chippindale, Director, center operations, Ent Federal Credit Union

With an eye for innovation and a drive to make things happen, natural leadership won Chris Chippindale a spot as a Rising Star.
“Chris’ leadership qualities are clearly exemplified through an unwavering commit-ment to hard work and clear communication. He is a key member of our management team and a valuable asset to our community,” said Matthew Gendron, vice president of operations at Ent Federal Credit Union.
Chippindale oversees the operations of more than 20 service center locations, eight of which he coordinated the opening for.
As director of center operations, his responsibilities entail achieving performance goals, including member satisfaction, sales performance, employee growth and education.
“I am very honored for the award,” Chippindale said. “A lot of the credit goes to the organization and all the folks that I work with.”
Chippindale said he enjoys the variety of his job and the fact that it touches so many of the departments. He has the opportunity to spend time in different departments such as marketing and IT.
“It helps me to be more knowledgeable about the operation,” he said.
To attract, develop and retain future Ent leaders, Chippindale started a mentoring program and created a career development path for staff in junior roles.
In conjunction with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Ent launched the Lion OneCard Student ID/Visa Check Card program in 2006. Chippindale was the project manager for that endeavor.
“Chris demonstrates innovation in action,” said Susan Szpyrka of UCCS. “He played a critical role in launching UCCS’ unique Lion OneCard — the all-in-one student ID and debit card — to benefit our students, faculty and staff. His enthusiasm, commitment and work ethic have truly contributed to its success to date.”
Chippindale also serves as a board member and treasurer for UCCS University Club. Members of the club finance student scholarships, teacher awards, and campus and community outreach efforts.
He participates in the Pikes Peak United Way annual Make a Difference Day and served on the Youth Endowment Series Grant committee, which is conducted by Ent employees to benefit youth in the Pikes Peak Region. He has also served as an instructor and board member for Junior Achievement of Southern Colorado.
In his free time, Chippindale spends time with his wife, Dana, and 7-year-old daughter, Jessica. He also loves a good game of golf.
Dana Chippindale, a fellow Ent employee, said, “Chris works hard to maintain the all-important balance between his dedication to Ent and to being a wonderful husband and father. He is a shining example to our daughter of how a good education and hard work can result in great success.”