Jesse Spaeth

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Jesse Spaeth, Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer, Vectra Bank Colorado

After only three months at Vectra Bank Colorado, Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer Jesse Spaeth is already serving as relationship manager for a $20 million loan portfolio.
“Working here has been great”, Spaeth said. “There is a strong team atmosphere where everyone really wants everyone else around them to succeed.”
Management is committed to helping you reach your goals and supporting different ways of doing so.”
Prior to working at Vectra, Spaeth served as an asset manager for Resource Land Holdings LLC, where he managed a $60 million real estate portfolio, spread among eight projects throughout the United States, all while managing a team of 15 employees and achieving a 20 percent internal rate of return on investments.
Spaeth said that meeting people is one of the highlights of his career and that his biggest accomplishment is “working in challenging and fulfilling areas of business while making great relationships in town that I hope to have my whole life.”
Kim Bonniwell, market president of Vectra Bank, nominated Spaeth as a Rising Star.
“Jesse stood out immediately as someone who is 100 percent committed to his responsibilities,” Bonniwell said. “I was thrilled for the opportunity to recognize him for his business accomplishments, energetic leadership and community involvement.”
Spaeth also has worked as a senior financial analyst for Elite Properties of America Inc., where he organized and prepared a yearly operating and capital budget for five divisions that involved more than 25 companies and more than $200 million in combined revenue.
Spaeth has effectively managed multi-million dollar portfolios and multifaceted business transactions.
In his spare time, Spaeth volunteers with the United Way, serving on its Stewardship Committee. In 2006, he helped the organization allocate $1.5 million to meet various needs in the community.
Spaeth also enjoys playing guitar, reading, running and spending time with his wife, Amanda, and two young sons, Spencer and Preston.
He has a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in business administration from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
Spaeth said he feels lucky for the opportunities he has had.
“I have been a part of successful projects
and I get the greatest sense of accomplish-ment from working with a group of committed people who pool their talent to do something they couldn’t do alone,” he said, adding that during the next five years he hopes to be managing the commercial lending department and ultimately become the bank’s community market president.