Arts group plans to increase community involvement

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The Colorado Business Committee for the Arts is planning to increase its presence in Colorado Springs during the next few years.
The group is already involved with grooming new leaders for the boards of directors for local arts organizations, with monthly meetings in the Springs. But that’s just the beginning.
“We’re really focused on helping create leaders,” said Executive Director Deborah Jordy. “Then we plan to create some of the same opportunities we have for our members in Denver.”
Several large corporations in the Springs are members of CBCA, including PRACO Public Relations Advertising Agency and Nor’Wood Development Group. Others send employees and directors to train with CBCA’s leadership institute.
The Colorado Springs Business Journal recognized CBCA’s contribution to the state’s arts community by giving it one of the two awards that recognize businesses that contribute to the arts.
CBCA’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for Colorado businesses to leverage the arts for economic value, Jordy said. The organization believes that it can act as a link between business and the arts — and focuses on ways the arts bring economic value to the business community.
CBCA has more than 150 member companies with 73,000 employees that show “the arts mean business,” according to the organization’s Web site.
Colorado is one of 11 affiliates of the national Business Committee for the Arts, which was started by David Rockefeller in 1967.
CBCA membership include free cultural activities for employees and clients, training programs developing leadership and research crucial to business interests in economic growth.
In addition to the eight-month leadership arts class, the group also offers arts immersion classes that engage participants with topics about business and art partnerships. The immersion classes cover the economic impact of the arts, serving on nonprofit boards and using arts programming for work force development.
The group also holds an annual awards banquet that salutes outstanding business-arts partnerships.
As the nonprofit grows, Jordy said it plans to extend its reach along the Front Range.
“We already help drive the arts engine in Colorado Springs through the leadership institute,” Jordy said, “and we’re working to develop more programs over the next few years.”