Not So Fast Northern Colorado – Frontier Airlines

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Co-publisher Chris Wood of the Northern Colorado Business Report in his column this week fails to mention that the Colorado Springs Airport is also in the running for the 101,000-square-foot, $15 million dollar Frontier Airlines heavy-maintenance facility. This facility could employ up to 200 employees at wages upwards of $75,000 and could bring Frontier flights to the Springs.

Now, Mr. Wood seems to have forgotten about the most populated county in the state. He even mentioned that the Pueblo airport is in the running for this business.

Our very own Springs Airport, I would venture to guess is much nicer than Pueblo’s (though I must admit I have never even checked on flights out of Pueblo).

Landing Frontier Airlines at our airport would not only be an economic development success, but we would get a low cost carrier here. Greeley and Fort Collins are going after this business pretty hard and have exempted airline parts from taxes as we have here in the Springs.

The way I figure it, we are just the right distance from DIA for Frontier. Greeley would be way too short of a flight. Heck, you might as well just have a taxiway from the Greeley airport to DIA rather than have a full take-off and landing.

I sure hope we get it, because Frontier is probably my favorite airline. I like the screens on the back of the seat so you know your airspeed, altitude and where you are in the sky.

That reminds me I have some flights to book…