Paris Hilton is not news

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We have a TV in our office that’s tuned to CNN all day. I recently caught myself yelling at it that “Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are not news.” I could really care less that the celebrity of the week got a DUI or was going to rehab.

Well, it turns out the general public feels the same way. A Pew Research Center study showed 87 percent of people surveyed said celebrity scandals receive too much media coverage . I couldn’t agree more. Journalists should be out digging up corruption in government or covering things that make people’s lives better. I can’t figure out how pictures of a crying Paris Hilton really help any one live a better life.

Take the sensationalism out of anything that is called news. If someone really needs their celebrity scandal fix, there is always the supermarket tabloids. Glad I work for a business journal.