Temby, I appreciated your leadership

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As subscribers to the CSBJ daily already know, Will Temby, CEO of the Colorado Springs Chamber is stepping down at the end of August to take a position with the University of Colorado Foundation.

Will is a good guy and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Will did tell me he will have “one leg firmly grounded in the Springs.” Will is a solid visionary, big picture kind of guy and knows how to walk the political tight rope. He is savvy and knows how to work through people to get things done.

I sure hope that Will remains active in our great city. He had a lot to do in helping us get where we are today on many fronts. From the combining of several chambers to leading the defeat of ballot initiatives 200 and 201 to Fort Carson issues to being a good partner in golf tournaments.

Kramer retiring, DeMarsche leaving, Jerry Smith passing away and now Will Temby moving on leaves us with a somewhat depleted leadership pool. I look forward to others stepping up. I am sure Dave Csintyan as interim CEO will do a great job and I think he should be considered as an excellent candidate for the CEO position.

Will has been good for our city. Take some time off and lets go golfing.