Ferguson daring women to be confident and sexy

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Christine Ferguson has launched an online lingerie store, daretobeinc.com, out of her Colorado Springs office.

A company founded by local resident Christine Ferguson is reaching out to women who want to feel beautiful and confident in lingerie every day.
“I’ve always loved lingerie and I use to dabble in selling it as a hobby,” Ferguson said. “Once I had a sale where one of my friends said, ‘I don’t want to buy lingerie because I don’t have a boyfriend.’ Another said, ‘I don’t have the body type for it.’”
Dare To Be Inc., an online lingerie store at daretobeinc.com, offers a list of adjectives that empower women to choose an attitude — bold, confident, flirty, noticeable.
Ferguson said that a woman can wake up in the morning and pick a classy undergarment that matches her attitude.
“By wearing it for yourself you don’t have to have someone in your life to wear it for,” she said.
Ferguson believes that, “some women feel uncomfortable wearing intimate apparel, but as with swimsuits or jeans, there are different types of lingerie that work better on certain body types.”
The Web site even encourages those who have been inspired by the philosophy “dare to love you,” to submit stories to the love notes page.
The Dare To Be philosophy is just one aspect of the company’s business model. Ferguson also teaches women about types of lingerie, like the difference between a baby doll and a chemise. The company offers lingerie with designer names like Elle Macpherson and Mary Green.

Widgets foster ties

The desktop widget life span is increasing, as more companies use them to entertain.
Clothing merchant Due Maternity uses a desktop widget displayed as a clock to help pregnant mothers count down the time to their due dates.
The downloadable Web application also provides links to DueMaternity.com, which provides information about pregnancy, as well as products, coupons and special offers.
Widgets were implemented as an interactive advertising tool to get customers to return to Web sites without spamming, said Albert DiPadova, vice president of marketing and co-founder of Due Maternity.
According to Internet Retailer, Due Maternity hired a graphic designer to dream up the look of the desktop application’s clock.
During the first 45 days after launch, the application was downloaded about 10,000 times — and customers were enticed with a 10 percent discount on select purchases. Sales directly attributable to click-throughs from the application to the e-commerce site hit $7,500.

Mobile buying options

Shopping via cell phone is making its move in the e-commerce market.
A handful of companies are implementing the idea, one with headquarters in Boulder. mShopper allows you to look up products while shopping to find the lowest prices. And with a secure PIN number, you can place an order and have it shipped to you from your mobile.
The service doesn’t allow you to search the Web itself, but mShopper has a database of stores available to search such as Macy’s, J.C. Penney and Target. However, mShopper’s chief executive, David Gould, said the company does not have any Colorado Springs merchants as clients.
By mobile-enabling your Web storefront, according to mShopper.net, you gain access to 205 million cell phone users. And it doesn’t have to be a wireless Web site.
Other companies taking part in mobile commerce include Amazon and Yahoo, and start-ups like Frucall and mPoria.
Joan Johnson covers retail for the Colorado Springs Business Journal.