Guide offers tips on managing aging workers

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As baby boomers move closer to the traditional retirement age, corporations are being challenged to keep mature workers engaged, retain their knowledge within the organization and harness the benefits of an intergenerational workforce.

The Conference Board has issued Putting Experience to Work – A Guide to Navigating Legal and Management Issues Relating to a Mature Workforce to fill the gap in knowledge – legal, managerial, and cultural – about how to engage mature workers and get the most from their knowledge and abilities.

“Ultimately the Guide shows how to manage mature workers in such a way as to motivate and retain them and to keep them performing at peak capacity,” said Diane Piktialis, Mature Workforce Program Leader at The Conference Board.

Effective best practices discussed include honest performance reviews, individual development plans, continuous and universal training and succession planning and knowledge transfer.

Questions answered by the guide include how to assess a mature workers’ performance, and how to identify retirement intentions and/or intentions to remain with the company in some capacity.