Online job ads grow, especially in West

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Online job advertisements increased 4 percent during September, according to analysis from The Conference Board [120Kb pdf].

There were 278 advertised vacancies online for every 100 people in the labor force during the month.

Online job demand during September continued to be above last year’s level in eight of the nine census regions, but there were substantial variations from region to region.

The mountain region, which has the highest ads rate in the nation was up 29 percent from last year, substantially above the national average.

“The growth rate in the number of online ads has moderated in recent months from what we were seeing in early 2007, and some of the growth is reflective of the continued shift to online job advertising,” said Gad Levanon, economist at The Conference Board.

“Looking regionally, the more ‘mature’ areas in terms of internet usage, like the West and East coasts, where online job advertising has been popular for some time, the rate of growth has slowed. In many of the smaller metro areas, and where online job advertising has lagged behind the largest metro areas, the growth rates continue to be very strong.”

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