Being green doesn’t matter to job seekers

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When seeking new companies to work for, professionals say they most often seek:
Advancement opportunity 55%
More leadership responsibility 41%
Work/life balance 38%
Leadership that’s respected/admired 36%
Sense of accomplishment 36%
Higher salary 28%
401(k) matching 28%
Flexible schedule 27%
Collaborative environment 22%
Performance bonuses 20%

Choosing an environmentally friendly company is at the bottom of the list for candidates choosing their dream jobs, according to Jobfox, an online job board.

More than 6,000 professionals who are part of the Web site rank “green” companies 18th on a list of top career-related choices.

Also, only 9 percent of seekers want shorter commutes for their next job, ranking it 14th on the list.

“Job seekers are certainly more green aware,” said Rob McGovern, CEO and founder of Jobfox. “Professionals might be turning in their SUVs for MINI Coopers and hybrids, but when it comes to new career-advancement opportunities, dreams of greater leadership responsibilities, better rewards and stimulating workplace cultures still rule.”

2 Responses to Being green doesn’t matter to job seekers

  1. the green factor doesn’t enter into it for the same reason that nobody selected ‘having a wet bar at my desk.’

    the perception is that it is unattainable, so why seek it?

    i bet if more businesses would go green, they would attract the brains that are draining away from this town.

    Alex Brown
    October 15, 2007 at 11:28 am

  2. I agree with Alex – if Colorado Springs expects to keep and attract brains they need to rethink a lot of issues.

    October 16, 2007 at 12:43 pm