No rate increase for malpractice insurance next year

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Most of Colorado’s doctors will not see a rate increase for their medical malpractice insurance next year.

COPIC insurance company, which covers more than 80 percent of the privately insured doctors in the state, said there would be no rate increase for the second year in a row.

The insurance company will also return $12 million in distributions to doctors in Colorado, a 13.5 percent premium credit. COPIC has distributed more than $123 million since 1990 to its insured doctors.

COPIC has no individual shareholders and declares policyholder distributions when the company pays out less money than expected for medical malpractice cases.

While on average there will be no rate increase, some specialty physicians might see increases. Physicians will receive notification of any rate changes this week.

The company’s program for early disclosure and resolution of malpractice cases, coupled with Colorado’s stable tort reform environment are likely what make the premium decreases possible.

Colorado is one of only eight states that the American Medical Association calls “stable” amid “America’s medical liability crisis.”