Coloradoans support incentives for economic development

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Top Issues for State
What is your top issue for governor and legislature?
2007 2006
Immigration 26% 28%
Health care price and accessibility 15% 8%
Education/money 11% 20%
Transportation 7% 6%
Economy 6% 11%
Tax burdens 6% 5%
Environment 4% 4%
Population growth 4% 3%
Water supply 2% 4%
Source: EDCC Citizens Survey on Economic Development

Results of the Economic Development Council of Colorado’s 2nd Annual Citizen’s Survey are in, and results show that residents feel good about the local economy, support giving incentives to attract business but believe the state is growing too fast.

Highlights of the survey include:

  • Immigration is still the top issue, but health care has surged into second place, followed by education and transportation. As an issue, the state’s economy dropped from third to fifth.
  • Economic development is a high or very high priority for 70 percent of voters, who favor offering incentives for job relocation and local recruiting for jobs.
  • Voters believe Colorado does an average job (40 percent rated it fair) competing for new and expanding businesses.
  • When asked to choose, voters support the use of state tax dollars to promote tourism and recruit jobs by about 2 to 1.
  • The public believes good public services and infrastructure are essential for a strong economy and job creation. They prioritize water, transportation, K-12, higher education and a well-educated workforce as most important.
  • The Colorado Legislature approval rating moved up from 55 percent last year to 59 percent this year.
  • Coloradoans remain upbeat about the state but are extremely concerned about the national economy.
  • Like last year, voters are more likely to say the state, rather than their local area, is growing too fast.

Further results from the survey are available online [2.8MB pdf]