Old Colorado City dreaming of green Xmas

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This year Old Colorado City will replace incandescent holiday lights with LED lights like the ones pictured here. Christmas lights photo courtesy of HolidayLEDS.com

Old Colorado City has traded in its old incandescent holiday lights for new LED lights.

The new bulbs are more efficient and offer a different kind of glow.

Planners of the annual “It’s Chistmas in Old Colorado City” say the LED, or light-emitting diode, lights use about 90 percent less energy than traditional bulbs, have a 200,000 hour bulb life and are safer because they burn at one degree above room temperature.

“I read a lot about the benefits of LED holiday lighting online and we decided it was the economically and environmentally responsible thing to do,” said Nancy Stovall, holiday events coordinator.

Stovall said that during the 45 days the lights will be illuminated, they will consume only 233.3 KWh of electricity, which will cost an estimated $26. That’s compared to the 2430 KWh of electricity and $270 racked up by the old lights.