Springs among state’s biggest water savers

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An independent policy group has given Colorado Springs high marks for its strides in water conservation.

Springs’ single-family residential per capita water use decreased 32 percent since 2000, according to a report released this week from Western Resource Advocates.

Per Capita Water Use
Gallons per person per day in Colorado Springs
  2000 2005 2006
Single-Family Residential 127 99 96
System-wide Potable 217 175 174
System-wide Total 245 201 198

The report names the Springs, along with Denver, Aurora and Boulder as the biggest conservers in the state.

While local water use is average for a city of Colorado Springs’ size, single-family residential use is among the lowest along the Front Range, something the report attributes to a solid conservation program.

Colorado Springs Utilities, which provided water to more than 415,000 people last year, has instituted a number of business and residential conservation incentives in recent years.

The report says that CSU’s water conservation program has an annual budget of about $400,000, or 0.22 percent of the total water service budget, and that CSU spends $1 per customer on conservation.

Since 2000, CSU has spent more than $6 million on demand-side management programs, including conservation programs, labor, and communications.