Pay gap between black, white families widens

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The income gap between black and white families has grown as pay for black men has decreased while pay for white women has increased, according to results of three studies released today.

The studies are part of the Economic Mobility Project and compared racial pay differences as well as whether children are typically make more money than their parents.

The studies, which tracked the incomes of 2,367 families for more than 30 years, found that pay among both black and white families has grown during the past three decades, but that increase was greater among whites and that pay for black men has decreased when adjusted for inflation.

Pay for black men has been offset only by gains among black women. Incomes among white men were relatively stagnant, while those of white women increased more than fivefold.

The reports found that about two-thirds of the children surveyed grew up to have higher family incomes than their parents had 30 years earlier.

Grown black children were just as likely as whites to have higher incomes than their parents. However, incomes among whites increased more than their black counterparts.