Plan calls for mandatory health insurance

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All Colorado residents will be required to have insurance – with burdens placed on the insurance industry and employers as well as consumers – under a proposal recommended by the Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform.

The package is similar to the fifth proposal that the commission developed. Yet the commission chose not to identify the fifth proposal as the lead proposal.

“This is a subtle, yet important, distinction,” said William N. Lindsay III, commission chairman. “There are some differences between the fifth proposal and the final recommendations – for example, financing mechanisms are not included here. More fundamentally, though, the Commission chose not to identify the fifth proposal as the ‘lead’ proposal because we decided not to identify any proposals as such.”

The selected package will be submitted to the legislature Jan. 31.

Key components of the selected package include:

  • Slow the rate of growth of insurance premiums by covering the uninsured, reducing administrative costs and increasing Medicaid provider reimbursements as a means of minimizing the cost shift.
  • Expand coverage by enhancing access to both public and private coverage. The recommendations include requiring all legal residents of Colorado to have minimum insurance coverage by expanding eligibility for public programs and requiring employers to provide pre-tax plans to facilitate purchase of health care coverage.
  • Insurers will be required to cover everyone, regardless of health status.
  • Promote consumer choice and direction by providing cost and quality information, choice of plans and other mechanisms.
  • Enhance quality by supporting the provision of evidence-based medicine, adoption of health information technology, paying providers based on quality and other mechanisms.
  • Enhance coordination of care by providing medical home for all Coloradans and other mechanisms.

3 Responses to Plan calls for mandatory health insurance

  1. Mandatory health insurance? Government is out of control and out of their constitutional boundaries! Just like the Feds requiring it… the Feds never look back at the 10th amendment.
    Anyway, this should put a lot of people out of work since small businesses don’t provide it because they can’t afford it, not because they are stingy. Ask the people in the 2-5 man business, would they like to have it mandatory and be out of work, or have a job and pay their own way when they need it.

    November 20, 2007 at 2:22 pm

  2. The current health system is broken and this is a better solution than “universal” health coverage provided by the government.

    November 21, 2007 at 1:45 pm

  3. After many years of managing large organizations in the corporate world I started my own small business five years ago. I have struggled to offer a solid health care plan for my employees. We have had steady growth over the years, but not the cost of health care has grown even faster. Do you know of any states that offer a subsidized small business health care plan like Arkansas?

    Cheryl's Office
    January 4, 2008 at 1:45 pm