Low income energy bills to rise 23%

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Energy Outreach Colorado is anticipating that energy bills for low-income families will increase 23 percent this year, thanks mostly to a reduction of federal money for assistance.

Last winter, between Nov. 1 and April 30, the nonprofit organization said low-income people in Colorado paid about $608 for heat and electricity.

This winter, the figure is expected to rise to $748.

E.O.C. will distribute $9.4 million for energy assistance this year.

About $5.4 million will be distributed through a network of 100 agencies. About $2.15 million will supplement the state’s Low-Income Energy Assistance Program and $1.8 million will be used for energy-efficiency measures for affordable-housing programs, nonprofit shelters and residential facilities as well as for educational and outreach programs.

To get help or make a donation, call 1-866-432-8435.