DHS adds day to closures

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The El Paso County Department of Human Services will be closed an additional day during the week of Dec. 25, when the offices will be closed for Christmas

The closures come as a result of El Paso County’s $4.1 million revenue shortfall.

Despite the office closures, Child and Adult Protection Services will be available everyday.

All county DHS buildings, including 105 N. Spruce, 17 N. Spruce, the Center on Fathering, and the Family Visitation Center will also be closed Wednesday, Dec. 26.

Offices that will be open on Dec. 26 include Sand Creek Family Services (1655 S. Murray Blvd.), the Lorraine Center (301 E. Iowa, Fountain), Options for Long Term Care (2812 E. Bijou), and the Fountain Valley Senior Center (5745 Southmoor Drive).