El Paso County entering victim notification network

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El Paso County will enter into a statewide network this year that will notify victims of crime about the status of their offenders 24 hours a day.

The County Sheriff’s of Colorado will announce the launch of the program, called the Victim Information and Notification Everyday, or Colorado VINE, tomorrow during the organization’s annual conference.

Thirty-nine states already use similar programs, and Denver has used a type of notification program for about six years, but it will be a new step for the state of Colorado and El Paso County.

Don Christensen, executive director for County Sheriffs of Colorado said El Paso County’s system should be operating within four or five months.

“This is a tremendous service,” Christensen said. “It will notify victims about their perpetrators so all of the sudden they don’t run into them at their local Wal-Mart or on their door step.”