Green collar jobs on the rise

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The American Solar Energy Society estimates that as many as one out of four jobs – close to 40 million jobs in the United States – could be tied to renewable energy or energy efficiency industries by 2030.

The organization’s “green collar jobs” report shows that these industries already generate 8.5 million jobs in the U.S., and with help from public policy makers, could continue to grow.

Findings from the study also include:

  • In addition to engineering and scientific industries, millions of new jobs will be created in manufacturing, construction, accounting and management
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency industries generate nearly $1 trillion in revenue in the U.S. contributing more than $150 billion in tax revenue at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Solar, wind, ethanol and fuel cells are likely to be some of the hottest areas of growth.

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  1. US Network for EXPO2000: Creating Green Jobs World Wide -
    Green living concepts and innovative energy solutions using ICEAlity will take center stage during the all 65th annual National City Home & Garden Shows. A larger Green Pavilion will address today’s flourishing green building movement pioneered by the ARK in BEREA. During EXPO2000, the market for green building products was valued at $800 million, David and Renate Jakupca, as American Cultural Ambassadors with the US NETWORK for EXPO2000, the World’s Fair held in Hannover Germany inspired the formation of the Green Building Coalition that is behind the greening of the Home and Garden Show. By 2010, the green market will be worth about $43 billion, according to the U.S. Green Building Council. For their effort, ICEA and David was recently the recipient of a Ohio Governor’s Award by Bob Taft celebrating 20 years of International Community Service.

    The ICEAlity of the global Environmental Arts Movement is the indigenous art form from Greater Cleveland: It was created there, it grew up there, and from there, it spread, not only as a genre but as a way of looking at a community’s Culture, it’s environment, and the character and life of it’s People. If you search ICEAlity on the internet you will find it is now so powerful that it seems not only to be the strategy for telling a complete story but also the way to understand — automatically, unconsciously — how it relates to a sustainable Culture of Peace for all.

    The Cleveland Botanical Garden’s 2008 Sustainability Symposium promotes Cleveland’s ICEAlity at its third annual event. The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes has a day devoted to eco-friendly living on the Great Lakes North Coast. Canadian activist Rick Coronado from Great Lakes United stated, “ The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) is our benchmark by which we can measure change and continuity in everything from the environment to relations between peoples through the Arts”.

    Ohio Green Communities
    Cleveland State University (CSU) Levin College Forum continues its examination of ICEAlity creating and sustaining communities of choice with a forum titled “Greening Northeast Ohio’s Neighborhoods”. Tom Hicks, Vice President, LEED, of the U.S. Green Building Council will speak. Ohio Green Communities, named three Cleveland developments as 2007 Ohio Green Communities Projects. They are Cogswell House, Village Green Elderly, and Tremont Pointe II.

    From EXPO2000, a report from Green Energy Ohio – A Wind Resource Assessment for Near-Shore Lake Erie that are the results of a two year study of the winds over Lake Erie. This information may effect the north eastern United States power grid. Cuyahoga County Economic Development Director Paul Oyaski says the report “lays the foundation” for the upcoming 13-month wind turbine feasibility study.
    Call for volunteers for ICEA’s 2008 OHIO COASTWEEKS Childrens Art and Essay Contest.

    February 3, 2008 at 5:44 am