Employee compensation to rise this year

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The majority of senior executives and managers expect compensation to their subordinates to increase this year.

More than three-quarters (77 percent) of business leaders expect to increase employee compensation, based on responses to a nationwide survey of 251 senior executives and managers conducted by NFI Research.

More than half cite business conditions (57 percent) and performance (54 percent) as the top reasons.

Other reasons for the increase are employee retention (44 percent), economic conditions (37 percent) and met budget expectations (29 percent).

Personality and likeability are at the bottom of the list with 4 percent.

An overwhelming majority of senior executives (90 percent) say they expect to increase compensation for their subordinates, while a smaller amount (64 percent) of managers say they expect to increase compensation for those who work for them.

NFI Research surveys 2,000 senior executives and managers globally every two weeks.