The Year of the Rat could mean trouble for investors

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Chinese astrologer Tony Tan made money a healthy amount of money for his clients by predicting that Asian stock markets would rise last year – during the Year of the Pig.

But watch out for the Year of the Rat, Tan says, which starts this week.

“Just like a rat, investors will have to be nimble,” said Tan, an astrologer and founder of the Harmony Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. “It’s going to be a highly competitive year.”

Despite his unorthodox investment strategy, Tan could be on to something.

Markets are already falling. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index dropped 9 percent during January, its worst monthly performance since September 2001, after a 12-percent gain last year.

One Response to The Year of the Rat could mean trouble for investors

  1. This is great! I wonder how the year of the Rat and the Age of Aquarius work together… competitive communication? (Are we even still in the Age of Aquarius, or are we in Capricorn now?)

    February 5, 2008 at 12:05 pm