Ritter unveils health care reform plan

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Gov. Bill Ritter unveiled his proposal to address the state’s health care reform needs yesterday.

The proposed package is called “Building Blocks for Health Care Reform,” and details plans to contain costs, improve access and expand availability of health care in the state.

The plan does not address ways to provide health coverage to all of Colorado’s uninsured.

The package calls for making government health plans available to 55,000 more children during the next three years and the creation of a new governmental center charged with overseeing increasing health care costs.

The proposal is in response to a report from the blue ribbon commission’s recommendation for health care reform.

Ritter’s plan borrows some of the more affordable elements from the report at a cost of only $25 million to the state’s general fund.

Ritter said that with federal funding, the package will bring $65 million new dollars to Colorado’s health care sector.