Clean technology investment skyrockets

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Venture capitalists invested a record $3 billion in 221 clean technology deals worldwide in 2007, a 43 percent increase over the $2.1 billion invested during 2006.

Dow Jones VentureSource reported today that the United States accounted for 83 percent of global clean technology investment during 2007. Clean technology accounted for more than 8 percent of total U.S. venture capital investment during 2007 – roughly the same capital invested in the entire retail/business/consumer industry.

In Europe, clean tech investment also reached a new record in 2007 as venture capitalists invested approximately $360 million in 56 deals, a 27 percent increase in capital investment over 2006. Overall, Europe accounted for 12 percent of global clean tech investment during 2007.

China, which invested a total of $424 million during 2006, invested $129 million during 2007, accounting for 4 percent of global clean tech investment. However, China did see four venture-backed clean tech complete initial public offerings in 2007, generating $821 million in liquidity.