Doug Sommer

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Doug Sommer was once the proud bassist for Screaming Locusts on Diving Boards, his high school band, which even had a hit song, “Water Guns,” that received radio air play in the 1980’s.
Now, he stays out of the rock and roll limelight and has worked with Focus on the Family since 1991. During his tenure there he has helped promote Dr. James Dobson with general market television and news stations across the nation and worked to build client relationships with more than 135 national media organizations, including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox Television affiliates.
He manages an advertising and media planning team for Focus on the Family. He won the 2007 Best of Show award from the Pikes Peak Advertising Federation for “best new use of new media in an integrated media plan.
His wife’s name is Angela, and he has three daughters, Courtney, 10, Lauren, 8, and Olivia, 2.