Defending Doug Bruce and thanking him for all that he has done

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Dear Editor:
It seems like everyone, with exception, is on Doug Bruce’s back. No one really ever seems to speak up for him. I will.
This man who authored the Taxpayer Bill of Rights has saved the taxpayers of Colorado not only millions or tens of millions, but hundreds of millions of dollars.
Every taxpayer, especially legislators and government employees, along with private citizens, should see that he is thanked and appreciated.
He did not for his own gain author TABOR, run for commissioner or currently be in the legislature.
All of these people, the back-stabbers, along with the media, find fault. Doug has always said it like it is and no one is going to shut him up — thank goodness!
This has never been a popularity contest and he really doesn’t care if you like him, but you should agree with him on many matters. The above savings for taxpayers is the largest savings by any one person in the history of Colorado.
I am going to change the subject now that I am spouting off in regards to the following: It would have been nice if the $9.3 million utility bonus had been put into the existing fund that helps people with utility bills and could have helped low-income, fixed-income and the elderly deal with increased food prices, medical costs and gas when needed.
These people cannot raise their incomes to cover these increases and it has to be very hard on them.
P.S. You know if TABOR had not been in existence, you might think where would all those millions have gone to? All these people who find fault with Doug Bruce have also received this tax savings!
Ed Hayes
Colorado Springs