The role of the Colorado Division of Insurance

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Dear Editor:
Please allow me to make clear a few points about the Colorado Division of Insurance.
The Division of Insurance is designed to help consumers understand insurance issues and get relief when they have been harmed by an insurance company. We work to help consumers make informed choices and avoid problems when they can. We also communicate with insurance companies on behalf of consumers to determine unfair treatment and to take steps to remedy those situations.
When a consumer files a written complaint there are specific steps we take, and steps that the insurance company must make to satisfy the process. We strive to use both consumer education and our statutory authority for the best outcome in every situation. When we find that a consumer has selected insurance that does not cover all their needs, we tell the consumer and explain their rights and responsibilities. When we find that an insurance company has made an error, we ask them to correct it then communicate the status of the situation back to the consumer. All complaints are recorded; as is the amount of time it takes to resolve each one.
Division of Insurance statistics are available at and an interactive report showing the ratio of complaints to the amount of premium written by company is at
If consumers feel they have been harmed by an insurance producer or insurance agent, I urge them to contact our consumer protection line at (303) 894-7490 or (800) 930-3745, or by e-mail at We receive many tips about possible wrongdoing and we always attempt to follow up. However, the tips that provide complete information and have the greatest potential to harm people are the ones that we must focus on.
As you may know, we have been working on some large cases involving misleading advertising affecting consumers in Colorado and other states. Our investigators work extremely hard and I trust them to make good decisions about which cases to pursue.
I appreciate your interest in the Division of Insurance and appreciate the vigilance with which you advise people to be informed on financial decisions. This is great advice and we support all efforts to have an informed and educated consumer population who can make good decisions about insurance and related topics.
Marcy Morrison, Commissioner of the Colorado Division of Insurance