There’s so much to disagree with — all on one page

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Dear Editor:
RE: Page 20 — July 18, 2008, edition
It’s interesting that the referenced page has two articles with which I disagree.
First, “Letter to the Editor” from State Rep. Douglas Bruce.
Law in the State of Colorado requires anyone who changes the normal flow of water and causes damage to someone downstream to be held liable for that damage. We as a community have, individually and collectively, changed flows to the extent that they have or can reasonably be expected to harm downstream users.
A major part of Pueblo’s objection to the Southern Delivery System is the possibility the added water users will increase flows and cause damage to Pueblo. They also contend some damage is already being done.
The Stormwater Fee is not a tax, but a reasonable attempt to ameliorate existing and future problems that are our responsibility.
I am surprised that, as an attorney and as a state representative, Douglas Bruce is not familiar with the laws and responsibilities involved. It makes me question his legal knowledge, as well as his ability to represent his district.
Second, “At Issue” Re: editorial stance on criticism of U.S. Rep. Mark Udall.
As I recall, Udall is running for a “public servant” position and should be representative of his entire constituency.
On a matter of this importance, why do you blame Mayor Lionel Rivera when Udall lobs a hand grenade into the Southern Delivery System process? Why didn’t Udall make the phone call to Mayor Rivera or even go to Sen. Ken Salazar to see what was happening in this process before he got in the middle?
Salazar should be upset since it seems he has been trying to resolve the issues with all parties and recent news has indicated agreement is near. Udall’s letter can only be viewed as a blatant partisan pitch for support from the Pueblo Chieftain and Bob Rawlings who has been rapidly becoming irrelevant in the process.
Remember, we are the client or customer for Udall. He’s trying to sell us. Why hasn’t he tried to develop the personal relationships? To my knowledge, Udall has done absolutely nothing to be honest and respectful to the City of Colorado Springs or the business community.
And as you write your editorials, I have noticed you are not one bit shy in calling local elected officials to task for their perceived screw-ups. Udall deserves no better and should have been called to task on this issue.
Thanks for your time.
David Sarton, Colorado Springs