Eliminating street cut fees would be detrimental to city streets

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Dear Editor,
The city’s Street Division and Colorado Springs Utilities coordinate repair work as much as possible so that freshly paved streets don’t have to be cut for utilities work.
Despite the coordination efforts, there are times when utilities needs to cut into streets to fix lines or upgrade systems. When this need arises, utilities pays the city a “pavement degradation fee” to compensate for the reduction in the life of the street pavement resulting from the cut. These funds are important in our ability to maintain our roads.
The initiative facing residents in November states that payments from enterprises to the city would be prohibited. Since Colorado Springs Utilities is an enterprise, this could jeopardize our ability to collect critical street cut fees, which average more than $1 million per year.
This would be a serious detriment to our street maintenance program.
Cam McNair P.E., Colorado Springs city engineer