Time for some truthful answers

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Dear Editor:
The Sept. 12 CSBJ issue, HBA supplement with the headline and article “Here he goes again” by Scott Hente seems to be an extension of Mr. Hente’s personal regards for Doug Bruce.
Mr. Hente appears to be very concerned with the alleged effects of Bruce’s ballot measures. I believe that Mr. Hente must answer a few questions that the taxpayers of this community need truthful answers to.
Where is the $20 million that was taken from the drainage reserve fund?
Who authorized the use of those funds? Was it city staff, City Council or someone outside the city, or a combination of all of the above?
Whose grand idea was it to bet on a long shot to repay the $20 million with funds from the future SDS funding?
Would you not say that the City Council and staff have played fast and loose with the spirit and intent of the law? In fact, might City Council have violated the law beyond a doubt by moving funds from a designated fund to the general fund?
Mr. Hente, I would suggest that you and others on the City Council come to grips with the fact that this city faces a real financial collapse if reductions in expenditures do not happen. The public does not want more smoke and mirrors — real cuts are demanded.
A statement was made by the council that nothing is off the table in relationship to making real cuts in its instruction to the Sustainable Funding Committee.
If Bruce’s ballot measures are the only way to force you and others on the council to reduce spending and not tax the public into the poor house, so be it.
Mitch Christiansen, Colorado Springs