Downtown nightclub cited for breast of show

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Photo by Rebecca Tonn

Photo by Rebecca Tonn

Owners of 13 Pure Nightclub and Bistro, 217 E. Pikes Peak Ave., could have their tavern liquor license revoked if they’re found guilty of allowing female nudity and breast fondling.

Owners or the “liquor licensee” of the club are scheduled to appear before the city liquor licensing board at 9 a.m. Friday, March 20, at City Hall, 107 N. Nevada Ave.

They’re accused of 10 city and state violations for “conduct of an establishment.” One violation is for managers or employees permitting on the premises the “touching, caressing or fondling of the breasts of a patron.” The other nine violations are for managers or employees allowing “exposure to public view the female breast below the top of the areola.”

“It sounds like it was some type of Girls Gone Wild event,” said police spokesman Lt. David Whitlock, “Someone might have made a complaint about what was going on there.”

“It’s my understanding that this was a vice, undercover sting operation,” said city liquor license enforcement officer Milan Foster. “There are pictures. This should be an interesting hearing.”

City prosecuting attorney Michelle Keller said she could not discuss the case before Friday’s hearing.

“If there are 10 separate violations, then 10 separate infractions did allegedly occur,” she said

The order to show cause and notice of hearing says the violations occurred “on or about Aug. 13 and Aug. 14, 2008.” The order was served Dec. 29. An original revocation hearing was scheduled for Feb. 6, but the 13 Pure owners, represented by attorney Damon Cassens, filed for an extension until March 20.

Cassens said this is 13 Pure’s first liquor license infraction accusation and that it’s rare that liquor licenses are ever revoked – or even suspended – for a first offense.

Foster said the city attorney can ask that the club’s liquor license be suspended or revoked, but the fate of the license will ultimately be up to the liquor board.