­­­­­­Looking to hire a technical consultant?

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Businesses in Colorado Springs have a ready-made source for technical consultants.

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs offers a family of interdisciplinary degrees program — bachelor’s of innovation — which allows students to study business administration, computer science, computer science security, electrical engineering, or game design and development.

Each option includes an emphasis major, an innovation core and one of four cross-discipline cores.

The program is beneficial because students receive real-life training, incorporated with their academic studies, said Venkat Reddy, dean of the College of Business.

“You have managers — who want a product on the shelf before the holiday season — who are not able to communicate with the engineers in the company (who want the product to be perfect) because the culture is so different,” he said.

Moving from and learning to work from the left brain to the right brain — from analysis to synthesis — is a new concept for most people.

Student teams do technical consulting for local companies, Reddy said, so the students will have training and be “ready to hit the road,” after graduation.

“We teach them business principles and have them work on projects together — and it’s meeting the needs of the business community,” he said.

Students learn to think creatively, with innovation and an entrepreneurship mindset — bringing more value to the workplace.

“Anything that can be flowcharted can be outsourced. Anything that’s creative — making new ideas — cannot be outsourced,” Reddy said. “The more we invest in creative and innovative education, the more we create an agile work force. Business (in America) will not sit down and go bankrupt (by not outsourcing). So we have to accept the world the way it is and do something about it. It’s a paradigm shift — let’s give you students who are already working by the time they reach you and already know what to do to grow your business.”

And if there’s a technical consultant in your company’s future — because you’re taking advantage of the economy to position your company for future expansion — well, then, the timing couldn’t be better.

“There is no better time to hire,” said Jeff Ward, president and founder of Culture Index, a Chicago-based consulting firm. “There is more talent in the market now from the presidential level down to clerical positions than I’ve seen in 20 years.”