G.E. Johnson: USOC work will continue

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The general contractor for the U.S. Olympic Committee headquarters at 27 S. Tejon St. said today that work on the building will continue – at least for now.

Jim Johnson, president of G.E. Johnson Construction Co., said that he met with LandCo President Ray Marshall and United Western Bank representatives today to discuss the project.

Johnson said Marshall “still expects to move ahead on the building,” pending the outcome of continuing negotiations with the City of Colorado Springs and the USOC. Marshall filed suit against the city and the USOC on Friday claiming both had failed to meet obligations outlined in a contract negotiated to keep the USOC in Colorado Springs.

Johnson said that during the meeting with the bank and Marshall, he was asked to prepare a cost analysis for completing the building – including small additional expenses incurred for site work for the Downtown Development Authority – in the event the USOC deal were to fall apart.

“I had no idea of the lawsuit until this morning – and didn’t realize other companies had not been paid,” Johnson said, adding that, so far, LandCo is current in its payments for work completed.

“We’ve submitted pay applications for about $1.6 million on work completed since last month,” he said, but that payment had not yet been made.

Johnson said he was leaving town today and didn’t expect to return until April 10, although he said he would be in touch with company officials during the next two to three days.

“I’ll be very interested in the outcome of the latest discussions – both as a contractor and as a member of the community,” he said. “Dave Ivis, our executive vice president, will be in touch with LandCo and the city, pending the outcome of today’s meeting. I think everyone needs to sit down and work this out – and not waste time pointing fingers.”

City Council is scheduled to meet this afternoon at 4 p.m. in closed session to discuss the USOC project.