Team-approach program improves heart attack survival rate

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Health officials say a new program that combines technology and health care has increased the recovery chances for heart attack patients by 88 percent.

The pilot program, conducted in Colorado by Kasier Permanente, consists of nursing and pharmacy teams working together with heart disease patients and their doctors. The team works together toward the patient’s lifestyle modification, medication management, patient education, laboratory results monitoring.

Coordination is the key to using technology to achieve better results, said Kasier Permanete CEO George Halvorson.

“Technology itself cannot solve the health care crisis,” he said. “Our Colorado region achieved quality care results by aligning people and technology in the most efficient care delivery system. It was not newer, or more expensive treatments, but an integrated approach to deliver the right care at the right time.”

The results:

– Patients have an 88 percent reduced risk of dying of a cardiac-related cause when enrolled within 90 days of a heart attack, compared to those not in the program;

– The number of patients meeting their cholesterol goal went from 26 percent to 73 percent;

– The number of patients screened for cholesterol went from 55 percent to 97 percent.