Contractors worried about 2010 budget cuts

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In a statement issued by the Associated General Contractors of America last week, construction industry analysts heralded a slowdown in layoffs and an actual increase in hiring in some areas – a direct affect of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

But the organization’s tone changed this week. In a follow-up statement, AGC said $720 million in newly-announced cuts to federal construction programs, including more than $120 million in cuts for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention facilities, would jeopardize the industry’s improving employment prospects.

“Those cuts amount to a net decrease in federal construction investments of $724 million at a time when one in five construction workers are unemployed,” said CEO Stephen Sandherr.

To date, more than $500 million in stimulus-related roadway and transportation construction money has flowed into Colorado, along with millions more for public safety and human services programs.