Fewer streets to be repaired and potholes to go unfilled

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Budget cuts mean some of the city’s worst roads will remain bad for another year – and potholes? Forget about it.

A budget crunch means the City of Colorado Springs will resurface 84 miles of road this year – 69 percent less than last year.

The combined 2009 City Streets Division and Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority budgets have been reduced by 51 percent, or $6 million, which means 189 fewer miles will be resurfaced.

And, while many potholes will remain unfilled, city officials offered this bit of solace: The patches on the ones that do get filled will be of better quality than last year.

“We are improving pothole construction processes and methods to increase the quality and longevity of each patch,” said Street Division Manager, Saleem Khattak. “By emphasizing quality over quantity, we may fill a fewer number of holes overall, but the patches should last longer and be smoother for drivers to go over.”

2 Responses to Fewer streets to be repaired and potholes to go unfilled

  1. Has anyone seriously considered bringing suit against the City for the damage their roads have caused to numerous cars! I don’t even want to think of the damage to my frame and alignment but my car drives over a “filled’ pothole and it veers sharply to one side…..and it’s a newer car!!

    I remember a story almost five years ago where a motorcycle cop made a routine stop and lost control of his bike because of a pothole in the road (Fountain Blvd?) Does there have to be a fatality before the City starts taking accountability for the shoddy work they’ve done? Is their crappy workmanship supposed to make tax-payers want to pay more!! Academy, from Maizeland to Austin Bluffs, has been “filled” in recent months and the roads are every bit as bad as they ever were…..where’s the accountability?

    A M
    May 26, 2009 at 3:52 pm

  2. If this is your response to lower budgets, I suggest that you don’t resurface several blocks in my neighborhood that didn’t need it. And don’t replace sidewalks on several blocks of downtown streets (Nevada Ave.) that didn’t need repair yet alone replacing. THEN maybe you’ll have the funds to do necessary repairs… or maybe we need to take a closer look at those making these decisions… and replace them.

    Thomas DuDash
    May 26, 2009 at 4:39 pm