Colorado Springs needs a win

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The U.S. Olympic Committee-Ray Marshall-Mayor Lionel Rivera debacle keeps slogging along like a slow-motion breakup of a teen romance.

The city is broke. Doug Bruce and his cronies are back at their Springs-killing antics again.

The wording Bruce has planned for the November ballot reads, “ The city property tax rate shall be three mills in this tax year, two mills in the next tax year, and one mill after that next tax year.” I cannot imagine a city of any size being able to exist on a one mill tax levy.

Once again, large amounts of time and money will be expended to defeat Bruce’s efforts.

No July Fourth fireworks in Memorial Park, brown grass at America the Beautiful and other city parks and more serious budget cuts coming for the city.

The city needs something that the people of Colorado Springs can get behind. The city needs a solid, inspiring leader who will preach from the podium, provoking the residents to do more, to get behind a worthwhile project.

The new Renaissance Hotel on the north side and the upscale boutique hotel planned for the Mining Exchange building are good things, but the city needs more than just hotels.

If a large company with a philanthropic spirit moved its headquarters to here and hired lots of local workers, a hearty celebration would be merited.

Colorado Springs has had long-term successes: the World Arena, the Pikes Peak Center, the Garden of the Gods Park. Those built community pride. We need more of those here.

A sound defeat of Bruce’s initiatives and his departure from Colorado Springs would be a success most residents could celebrate.

I know this all sounds a bit despairing. To be more uplifting, there will be a parade called the Red, White and Brave Parade.

On Aug. 29 at 10 a.m., thousands of our military will be marching down Tejon Street. There will be floats and flyovers. Make sure you put it on your calendar and come downtown to celebrate a high point in our community: our military.

The parade can be a homecoming dance to revive the romance of Colorado Springs.

Lon Matejczyk is publisher of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. He can be reached at or 329-5202.